The Daily Grind Coffee & Tea Emporium

The Daily Grind Coffee and Tea Emporium is situated within Pantiles Secondhand Bookshop providing a wonderful mix of coffee, teas and culture.


Owner Matt Marshall is self taught and has a passion for providing a large stock of gourmet whole coffee beans and loose leaf teas from around the world, which are reasonably priced according to their availability and rarity.  He sources them from well-established suppliers who visit the estates and plantations to ensure the high quality of the produce.


Everyone's taste buds are different and therefore what may seem strong to one coffee drinker may be weaker to another. Likewise the same coffee bean can taste differently depending on what coffee apparatus is used.  We have a large coffee selection with a mixture of single origin, Fairtrade, organic, decaffeinated, blended, espresso, rare and exotic coffees in various strengths, and can grind the coffee beans to our customers' requirements.


We have a catalogue giving more information on each bean or tea we sell such as black, green and white teas, decaffeinated, herbal, flower teas etc.  You can purchase these by mail order too or online currently via website.